Fire Protection by the Pros

With over 40 years of combined fire sprinkler and suppression system experience, our expert team is well-versed in both the art and science of fire protection. We are comprised of  diagnosticians and factory trained service professionals capable of servicing residential, commercial and industrial systems. At CMI Fire Sprinkler Corp., we don’t simply treat the symptoms of a troubled system. We diagnose, repair and update systems to ensure optimal performance should your fire prevention and suppression system be called to duty.

Our specialities are in areas of:

  • Wet & Dry Fire Sprinkler Installations
  • High & Low Pressure CO2 Suppression Systems
  • Pre-Action Fire Protection Systems
  • Underground Water Mains
  • Foam Fire Suppression Systems
  • Electric & Diesel Fire Sprinkler Pumps
  • High-Hazard Deluge Systems

Our team regularly attends training by our vendors and maintains industry memberships with:

American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA)

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

National Home Buyer’s Alliance (NHBA)

CMI is licensed, bonded and insured.

Stephen Coulton

Fire Prevention Specialist

Portrait of Stephen ColtonAt the age of 16, Stephen Coulton answered his first call–of–duty and enlisted as a volunteer fireman in Pennsylvania. Instantly, he knew his life would be dedicated to firefighting and protection. To pursue his passion, Stephen earned a degree in Fire Science Technology. He relocated to Virginia, with his new knowledge and passion for firefighting, and began his career as a professional fireman. A fully–vested firefighter, he retired from actively fighting fires in 1993 and moved back to his hometown to pursue a new passion.

Realizing that the best way to fight a fire is to prevent it, Stephen decided to continue a lifetime of helping to protect people and their property from the threat and damage of fire and entered the business of fire protections systems.

While working in the fire protection industry and mastering the principles of fighting and preventing fires, Stephen earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. And almost serendipitously, he found work as an operations manager at a local fire protection sprinkler company.

As a lifelong servant of fire protection, Stephen is dedicated to continually training both himself and his team of fire protection professionals. Stephen and his family reside in Ottsville, PA.