Commercial Fire Sprinklers

Water sprinkler and fire fighting system

Protection for Commercial Properties

As an owner or manager of a commercial or public property, you are responsible for an ever evolving environment of persons and equipment. People’s livelihoods, sensitive machinery and important data are under the roofs you are responsible for. A properly installed and maintained commercial fire sprinkler system can help to ensure that your concerns are covered.

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Why choose CMI Fire Sprinkler Corp.?

At CMI Fire Sprinkler Corp., our National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certified Fire Protection Designers and Fire Suppression System Engineers focus on the details that ensure code compliant systems are installed by trained professionals. We value professional development and regularly training our installers and inspectors in order to stay up-to-date on the latest of state of the art fire suppression technology.

For corporate centers, commercial and public buildings, and manufacturing facilities we provide:

  • Inspection of fire sprinkler and suppression systems
  • Repair of damaged fire sprinkler and suppression systems
  • Service and maintenance of functioning fire sprinkler and suppression systems
  • Installation of new fire sprinkler and suppression systems

Our extensive experience with corporate centers and manufacturing facilities gives us the ability to work with various supply types including:

  • underground fire mains
  • above and below ground tanks
  • diesel and electric fire sprinkler pumps

And we can also assist you with:

  • Planning and design of code compliant fire sprinkler and suppression systems
  • Working directly with local code authorities to acquire jurisdiction approval
  • Inspection and testing of wet and dry standpipe systems
  • Fire hydrant inspection and repairs
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