Residential Fire Sprinklers

Repair, Service and Installation

CMI Fire Sprinklers is a full-service fire protection company offering homeowners:

  • Repair of damaged fire sprinkler systems
  • Service and maintenance of functioning fire sprinkler systems
  • Installation of new fire sprinkler systems in new construction and homes being remodeled.

We proudly service the areas of Bucks, Lehigh and Montgomery Counties in addition to parts of Philadelphia and New Jersey.

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Why should you install residential fire sprinklers?

Your family and home deserve protection from the threat of house fires. The reality is that unfortunate incidents do happen, even to the most careful of home-owners. A fire sprinkler system can help keep your family safe and reduce damage to your possession.

The potential advantages of a fire sprinkler system to protect your home are:

Increased Safety

A fire sprinkler system can douse or assist in maintaining a flame faster than your local fire department can respond; which may potentially reduce the risk of harm to persons and pets. A fire is that is under greater control is also safer for the firefighters that arrive at your residence to assist you and your family.

Also, many modern fire protection systems can possibly notify emergency services quicker than a person noticing a fire and calling 911.

Investment Protection

A fire sprinkler system can help prevent and minimize damage to your home resulting from a fire. Some modern fire protection systems can also notify emergency services, reducing the time it takes first-responders to reach your house.

Residential fire sprinkler systems are also more sensitive to heat than commercial fire protection systems; meaning they recognize and respond to a house fire faster.


According to FEMA, sprinkler systems exceed a 95 percent “fail-safe” status in laboratory testing. This is largely due to the fact that residential fire sprinklers are activated individually and only in the rooms in which heat reaches the sprinklers trigger point.

Low-Cost Installation

Installing a new home sprinkler system in a home that is under construction or in the process of being remodeled is surprisingly affordable. The cost is usually about the same as having your cabinets upgraded or installing premium carpet.

Lower Home Insurance

Installing residential fire sprinklers can potentially lower your insurance costs by 5–15%; depending upon your insurance company.